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Thread: Robbie is in the hospital

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    Great news!

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    I am going to get a kayak next summer. tell him to get better so he can come too.

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    That is awesome news!! Hopefully they can figure out what is/was going on to make his blood levels so low in the first place. Kayaking is awesome and he should absolutely try it out!!! Hoping they figure things out soon!!!

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    So glad Robbie is feeling better. I'll keep him in my prayers.

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    Hi Sharon, I have been away a couple days and just saw this. Sounds like things are going better, but what a scare! Hope he is back in the new chair ASAP!

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    glad he is feeling better!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SharonD View Post
    I know! Poor guy hasnt been in it yet. He was feeling so crappy the day it was delivered. I thought he was tired from working out with his new trainer and dizzy from standing. Turns out he had no blood in him.

    He is SO much better this evening. Color coming back and so is his energy level and humor. He just asked if he could take kayaking lessons...thats the real Robbie.
    That's great. It's summer, I hope he can get out and enjoy it soon. Kids are tough. Do they know why or where he's losing blood?
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    they did find blood in the stool they are now treating it as an ulcer. you guys got the diagnosis right again

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    It is a relief to know that they know what is wrong and are able to treat it.

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    I am reading this all late but I am so glad they seem to have gotten everything under control. Good News.

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