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Thread: female cathing

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    Hi Cherie, doing the intermittent cath thing without being able to see is a bit daunting at first, but you'll soon be able to figure it out by touch. I use a male FR 14 catheter because they're longer and have (for me) the right amount of rigidity. I don't use a lubricant and don't cleanse the area (just make sure my hands are thoroughly washed). With the male catheter I have enough length to cath from my chair, although depending on the bathroom layout, sometimes need to attach an extension tube. I usually scoot as far forward as I can in my chair, lift one leg at a time off the footplate and dangle each over the side, then feel with one hand for the right opening (stretchy pants with elastic waist come in handy here). I'm fortunate that I can "feel' when my bladder needs emptying, but usually try to cath at least once every four to five hours anyway. I have had some instances of UTI in the past, but I can't say it's really been much of a problem. Hope this helps. Please feel free to e-mail if you have more questions.

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    Female Cathing

    Hi, I have been a para for 15 years now and I weigh 265. I do self-cath using a 16 inch straight cath. I find if I am sitting on the toilet, my body size makes it difficult to have adequate room to cath. Instead I cath from my wheelchair by scooting to the end of the chair and using the 16 inch cath to urinate into a urinal. Well, I used to use a urinal, but they are just gross so I switched over to using a liter size bottle like you would mix tea in. It is a lot less likely to spill if you have to set it down. Plus, by cathing from my chair I can avoid putting my clean hands all over a germy toilet right before cathing.

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    Hi, i'm new to this site. C-4 to C-5 incomplete with no finger use or wrist strength in left hand. I'm looking for any advise on how to cath myself

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