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Thread: Welcome to the Cure Forum

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    Welcome to the Cure Forum

    As many of you know, the Cando Research Forum was the best place to find out about the latest spinal cord injury research. There are few places where you could ask any question about research or vent your opinion about the cure (or lack of) and get dozens of knowledgeable answers back in a matter of hours. In the past year, I don't think that there was anything happening to spinal cord injury research around the world that did not get posted within hours or even minutes. I hope that this continues here. I will of course continue to visit this site daily and answer any questions that I can. Wise.

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    Thank You Dr Young...

    ...for taking the initiative to continue the forums at this new site. The internet forums has become a very valuable and important source of information for SCI-people worldwide. Since Cando is shutting down will I joyfully follow the Wise man to new domains.

    PMH (C4 since 1984)

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    Thank You Dr. Young

    I second what pmh said. Thanks again for all you do for the sci community.

    John Ponziano/Chicago

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    hi everyone

    all i have to say is just dont make any merger deals.

    also, how come its called carecure instead of CUREcare?

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    Thank you Dr. Young and all others who worked to keep these forums active.


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    Thanks Dr. Young and to all the others, great site, I think Melissa will like the smilies.

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    Pretty cool site, Wise. I like the color schem as opposed to cando. Thanks for all that you do to help us get back up on our feet, and become independent once again.

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    way to go!

    Thanks Dr. Young! I look forward to the forums here and will pass the info. along to all!

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    Thanks Dr. Young

    For all that you have done to help out with our lives with SCI.

    You have contributed so much, Methylprednasone, the good advice of decompression surgury whenever possible, and now the Contribution of this website. Thank you so much.

    Most SCI's are living better lives thanks to all of you're efforts in the field. Curtis

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    cc forum

    This site looks great Dr. Young, very user friendly! Thanks!

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