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Thread: 69 homes under $10k in my area? Wow. Or, ouch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    It's amazing to me how BFE New Mexico is so much more expensive than Civilization, OK. Seems like I can trade my 2500 sq ft suburban home for a 10 yr. old single wide in NM. And BFE New Mexico is just a really scenic meth lab! If you buy a trailer there, 2 trailers down the street will have already blown up.

    That’s pretty sweet, but you really want to buy a trailer where the trailer immediately beside it has blown up. That way you have more space to tie up your dogs and pile your tires and rusted out trucks.

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    About 9yrs ago a sis who is a teacher bought a for real crack house in St. Pete FL. She 1st fixed up the garage apt on an alley out back and moved in. She literally had to climb through a back window to shovel out old sheets, pipes, garbage etc but she saw what was underneath. She cleaned a kitchen and bedroom, let an electrician getting a divorce move into the garage apt in trade for work.
    Her house is beautiful. It has the origional built in glass door w/ stained glass trim diningroom cabinets. A fold down ironing board cabinet, put in granit counter tops and stainless steel appliances inc a Frigidare fridge cause our grand=ma always called the fridge that. She cleaned years of paint off the fireplace and has floor to high ceilings and added ceiling fans. It is so unique and pretty with its big front porch, etc.
    She also met a divorcing plumber along the way. During the time she worked off school hrs, her fingers bleeding house flippers started buying and flipping those around it.
    Now, the neighborhood has become a "Historic Area" full of rules and regulations.
    She now rented the house and apt, moved in with a guy and he wanted her to do reno work on his house. She'll only do it on something with her name on it. She was rejected for a loan even house #1 has no morgage.
    Lilist sis is married to a doctor. They live on a lake, have a salt water pool, sunkin fireplace pit, 2nd in master suite, marble floors, gated community, the whole 9 yards (southern saying).
    Neither sis (lilist teaches too) can get a mortgage due to the high #'s of forclosures statewide.
    I bought my pathetic little one in my 20's. It's paid off. My starter is going to be my none and only.

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