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Thread: ROHO Prodigy full-bed air matteress - $110

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    ROHO Prodigy full-bed air matteress - $110

    ROHO prodigy mattress for sale. Asking $110. Used one section only once. Three sections in total can be used individually or combined via valve interlocking.

    Location: Huntington, New York. It is about one hour east of New York City on Long Island. I can bring it into the city if that makes things easier for some people.

    I thought this would be a solution to a problem I was having with bed sores in my bed. As I say above, I tried one section once in a unique arrangement of pillows and other supports and was wholly dissatisfied. That was my specific experience; it may not be yours.

    In fact, this mattress at this price may provide an optimal solution for some person in a difficult position (position meaning literally and figuratively !).

    I bought it new on eBay about six months ago for a very good price. The price to me was below $200. At my price of $110 it is a steal...

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with this product, is basically like a ROHO cushion but the cells are bigger (three to 4 inches in diameter) and each section can be combined with 2 others to cover an entire twin size mattress. Although I did not use it, I am certain someone else will be able to find it usable. I am a c4/c5 Quad, complete.

    A search on the web will provide much more detailed information than I can possibly provide. If you need this type of mattress I urge you to contact me as soon as possible because someone will snatch it at this price.

    Good luck to you all.

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