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Thread: ? for van owners

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    I drive a 2005 Ford E350 Van with a transfer seat. I like all the room in it and the ability to tow anything. The down side is the gas mileage. Don't rule out a leather transfer seat, it's much easier to transfer to and from. I purchased my van with low mileage, a few years old, and was able to pick it up for a good price.

    Good Luck...
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    I posted this on a thread about raised roofs on vans.

    I have a 1996 Ford Windstar with an IMS conversion (IMS is not in business anymore) that has worked great for me for 14 years. It has a lowered floow, a remotely operated sliding door, a fold out ramp and no kneeling. I sit 57 inches tall in one of my power chairs and 55 inches in my new one. I learned to tilt my heard just a little to clear the doorway in my older chair. I will be taking delivery on a 2010 Honda Odyssey with a VMI conversion around the 4th of July. It has a lowered floor, auto sliding door, a ramp that slides out from under the floor, and kneeling. I tried getting in and out of the demo Odyssey at my conversion dealers shop. At 55 inches sitting height in my new chair, I have room to spare (2 maybe 3 inches) without ducking. The van will have an EZ lock tie-down.

    I would warn against raised top too. In my opinion, the raised top minivans are unstable, especially in high winds. While most public parking garages today are built with enough height to accommodate the height of full sized vans, there are still many around that aren't tall enough to accommodate full sized van heights or minivans with raised tops. When there are alternatives to raised tops in the marketplace, I don't see the point of buying a vehicle you will have for a long time and possibly limiting where you can go, park, etc.

    Hope you have a mobility conversion dealer near you, who has a VMI and a Braun conversion to minivans to show you and have you try out.

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    Handicap Driver Services in Marietta, Georgia is who I got my van from. They have shops in GA, FL, TN, and AL. They have been easy to deal with for me. There is also an outfit called Quial Country Customs in Byron and Albany, GA. They are great folks. Joe Butler is my contact there. Good folks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grange View Post
    There is also an outfit called Quail Country Customs in Byron and Albany, GA. They are great folks. Joe Butler is my contact there. Good folks.
    Hi Grange,

    I am dealing with Joe & Cole in Albany now. My new van should be in next week. They are both good guys and are very knowledgeable about van modifications..
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    I agree Millard.... They are good ole country boys. Very honest and truly know the meaning of the word service. Tell them Grandin Say's hello!!!!
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    Consider them told!!!
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    I'm on my third minivan - use a power chair. AVOID anything IMS - had to sue after the brand new van was in the shop more than out. Before that was Braun - ok for the time (early 90's) but still had issues.

    I LOVE my latest van - it's a Honda from ROLLX. I am very impressed with the override features that keep me from being stuck outside the van (yes with IMS a frequent event). It's great to drive, holds the road, doesn't hit bottom quite as much as my older ones and I would definitely do business with them again. So far so good...

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    IMS is out of business, so unless you are buying used, you won't have them as a choice. Braun and VMI seem to lead the market now in minivan conversions. However, the 2011 vans will soon hit the market and Toyota, Honda and Dodge/Chrysler are all introducing new body styles that might take the conversion companies some time to work out and safety test them, which may slow down the conversion time. Right now on 2010 vans the conversion time from VMI is about 4 weeks.
    I don't have any financial or business relations with any conversion companies, am awaiting delivery of my Honda next week.

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    I wouldn't own another minivan even if someone paid me to drive it! The sliding door frequently was gummed up with mud and snow and I can't tell you how many times I was stuck inside it. I now have an E-250 and like it much better, but even it has it's issues. I'm looking at trucks now and hopefully an atv/razor conversion if I can ever find one.

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    My wife and I are looking but want to wait for this . They start production in October and it looks promising.

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