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Thread: Diminished lung capacity due to lordosis?

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    Diminished lung capacity due to lordosis?


    I've noticed lately that I have a hard time breathing. I especially notice it after I've been sitting for long periods of time. It's almost as if my chest feels really tight and no matter what I do to take a deep breath in, I still feel winded.

    However, when I'm laying on my back in bed, I notice I can breathe much more easily. I also find that when I wake up and the first few hours of my day, I feel like it's much easier to take air in. Why is this? Could it be because of my lordosis? I know before my surgery, my lung capacity had greatly diminished because of my collapsed spine, but now, I fail to see how having an overly-arched lower back could affect my lungs?

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    A recent severe illness makes me want you to consult a Pulmonologist, a lung specialist, as soon as you can.
    I have life long Polio scoliosis and paralysis, and contracted pneumonia late last year. I had never had any problems, but had started to take rest breaks to breath deeply and I couldn't catch my breath at times.
    Then the pneumonia had extremely rapid onset until I was unable to successfull cough and breathing was difficult. I wound up in the hospital with a trach and on a ventilator. It was 5 1/2 months before I was out.

    Will you consider seeing a Pulmonologist for an evaluation? You can probably look on the internet to find out what such an evaluation consists of. Since my discharge several weeks ago I have gotten a Pulmonolgist to work with. He will do a repeat sleep study this summer and he monitors my use of night-time BiPap machine which assists my overnight breathing.
    Good luck....

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    I would start with consulting your primary care physician or physiatrist. They can do some basic tests and evaluations of your lung capacity, which may include pulmonary function tests (PFTs). Then, if indicated, they can refer you to a neurologist (if it appears your breathing problems are due to neurologic deterioration, such as a syrinx) or a pulmonologist if it appears that you may have actual lung disease.


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    Hi Kiran I've got a bit of lung disease but I don't remember the exact details. Also the tightness when I breathe.

    I would still see all the docs but a sugestion might be to open up your seat angle a bit, i.e if it's set at 90 degrees move it back to 89 or similar. Since you are somewhat short torsoed like me it might pardon the pun "room to breathe" I know when I sit at 90 degrees the bottom of my left rib pretty much feels like it's sitting right on top of my left hip. See your Dr. but my idea might help.

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    Hey, I was born with Lordosis, and recently have found breathing to be difficult at times. Here in the UK it may be different, but I had a Spirometry test done. My advice would be to have the same test done (this may be the equivalent of your PFTs) turns out I have a type of "Postural COPD" basically because my lordosis is bad it is cramping my internal organs and putting pressure on my lungs, causing feelings of tight-chestedness which becomes severely worse when I exercise.

    By no means am I saying this Is what you have, but might be worth looking into, hope this was helpful anyways

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