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    ahello. I have a question. My urologist wants me to gave botox for overactive neurogenic bladder. I am now able to urinate normally. He said I should still be able too but I wont have to go as often. Everything I read says cathing is 100% unavoidable afterb this procedure.

    Can anyone help me?



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    i have been getting botox injections every 6 months in my bladder for years and it works great for me but i have always cathed. it relaxes the bladder so i'm assuming it would be difficult to go on your own. not certain.
    it has made a huge difference in my life. i hope that you figure it out. the good thing is that it's not permanant and will eventually wear off.

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    I think you have to use catheter when you have the botox injections. I had an operation and got a new bladder made from part of my colon. No I empty the reservoir four to five times a day from a little hole on my stomach with a catheter. I dont have infections anymore and can travel, go on boattrips and sleep through the night! I still feel lucky, six year after surgery :-) Before, I had to go nearly every hour and on hot days even more often. Airplanes was a nightmare, but now - no problem!

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