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Thread: Carlsbad clinic's controversial approach to help spinal cord patientsversial approach

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    Carlsbad clinic's controversial approach to help spinal cord patientsversial approach

    I can not see the video, don't know what this is. Hope u can watch the video and say something.

    TUESDAY, May 11, 2010
    CARLSBAD, Calif. (CBS 8) - For many people with spinal cord injuries, it would take a miracle to walk again. A clinic in Carlsbad claims it can cure some of these paralyzed patients.

    For more on this CBS News story, watch the video.


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    This is an article about Project Walk. For incompletes.

    One interesting part in the vid was that a spine surgeon from San Diego
    who's never heard of Project Walk, says he's concerned that it might
    be a scam. So there's an example of why people shouldn't listen to
    surgeons regarding research and therapy.
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    yes, what Buck said is true...I watched this when it aired, was disappointed in the report. Although it was nice for Project Walk to get the attention I dont think the report was very positive.

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    I think it's pretty pathetic that a spine surgeon, right here in San Diego, has never heard of Project Walk. Do they not read ANYTHING pertaining to rehab, therapies, prospective cures? We ran into this attitude from the very beginning. I had to inform the docs what was out there and, yes, the attitude was "there are lots of scams out there that feed you false hope". Our spine doc hadn't even heard of Dr. Lima (which was pretty big news back then). Help me understand that this is their speciality and we, the patients, have to inform them as to what is going on in their world??? Geeeeze!

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    Wow, I had no idea this reaired on channel 8 here in San Diego... We have NEVER said what we do is a cure and I don't believe CNN even went that far. I can't believe our local station would put those words in our mouth, especially after the multiple stories they have done on us and our clients.

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