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Thread: Best alcohol for a quad to drink?

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    I like the free stuff - the "sympathy" drinks people send to that "poor bastard over there" when I am in a bar. lol Has happened to me many times.
    Free alcohol = the best alcohol.

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    I've been on an Absinthe kick for the last couple of years. I don't drink often but when I do this is what I would suggest. Tastes like black licorice or Sambuca.

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    a good vodka mixed with almost anything (your preference as vodka blends well) or a really good chardonnay. vodka and cranberry juice is even good. forget the dr advice about no alcohol as they dispense pills that wreak havoc as well. enjoy. but don't drive.

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    always keep a bottle of Svedka in the freezer for nerve pain nights. cranberry juice for healthy reasons of course.

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    how about a gin & tonic? if you like gin, you can make it pretty stout and the tonic helps calm your belly. Plus there are less (to none?) sugars in tonic than in juices or soda mixers, and usually the caffeine & sugars are what make you feel bad the next day.

    we drink them with fresh lime, cucumber slices or even rosemary in the summer.
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    I use to drink a nice cold beer with my husband in the evenings, but have'nt drank anything in a long time now. Mostly because of the bladder issues and leary of mixing it with meds. Had a bad reaction the last time I did with Lyrica. No worries with the lyrica, had to stop taking it, but am still leary on having a drink.

    I've wondered if switching to another drink would help. i rarely even drink coffee anymore because of the bladder issues, I miss that more than the cold beer.....
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    UV blue (blue raspberry vodka) and diet Sprite.

    Girl drink? Maybe, but it sure as hell tastes good and diet mixes better.

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    x2 on the gin & tonic w/ lime being a good, easy summer drink.

    a quality scotch is an option, but it's not girly nor inexpensive.

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    HI cass, Casss has great taste, though for me red wine... sing the song by cold chisel...

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