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Thread: Para with a newborn- need help!

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    Hi Karen,
    I am in a similiar situation as you are. Delivered a baby a month ago and he is doing great.

    I am also facing severe challenges in lifting the baby from the bassinet and also taking him around the house and doing some basic duties. Would you be able to help me since you would have resolved these challenges recently.


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    Hey, I have a 4 month old who is 18lbs! =) He's a big boy. Im a T-12 and it can be a little challenging to pick him up and carry him around. I usually use a baby bjorn or the moby wrap and wear him. The carrier is comfy to wear too. Since he's a big boy I keep the car seat in the car, put him on the seat, transfer, then pick him up and stick him in his carseat. He's too heavy to carry him in the carseat. As for his crib, it is on the highest setting, and Im hoping by the time he is sittin up & standing he can kinda reach for me once we need to lower the mattress. =)

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    how is everyone doing now?!! Feel free to email me directly with any questions or search my blog

    I have 2 boys: 6 and almost 3 and another boy due in July
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