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Thread: Woman down!

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    I hate that it takes so long. Hopefully you are now on the right track.

    Speaking of track, we had a ceiling lift put in this morning. Now I can stop running over my toes with the Hoyer.

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    You will love the ceiling lift Linda, we have the BMH one and its great, although we really only use it now first thing in the morning as David has been transferring with our assistance.

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    Great news, Linda!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coleen View Post
    Great news, Linda!
    We gave it a test spin tonight and is very nice. Is the same brand as Lisa's. They did a nice job. If you have to have a ceiling lift in your bedroom they made it as pleasant to look at as possible.
    The track goes over to my twin bed too. Did not expect that.
    My sister said I look like such a wreck they are being proactive-ha.

    Sorry to hijack your thread dear Coleen.
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    No worries, Linda, I'm happy the lift is working for you!

    I start 6 PT sessions over 8 weeks (think that'll be enough? HA HA!) today. It should be interesting.

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    8 weeks is a good start Coleen, just stay determined and make some progress.

    Linda - no hanging Dave from the lift

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    Physical torture (ok, therapy) began yesterday. They put me on the rack, then had me do some very painful & difficult exercises, but I'll do them if it'll help me get back the year of progress I lost with the last fall.
    And I agree, no lift hanging, although maybe you could charge neighbor kids for rides?

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    I have my second anterior AFO - it' the second strongest - blue rocker. The first snapped in 6 weeks. Needless to say, that wasn't supposed to happen.Had surgery on L4,5 S1,2 & my elbow, and now only have a dead leg on the left - but I can stand & walk with a cane. 1/2 my hand is dead, they say it could take up to a year to know if anything will change. Being only partially paralyzed on one side makes me feel like I don't have the right to 'speak' and with the problems of late here, I'll just pop in unless asked for something. Oh, the blue rocker is allowing me to walk with almost no limp. Now if the arthritis in my other knee would calm down...

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    It sounds like you are making some progress Coleen!!!
    Keep updating.

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    Coleen, I'm thrilled for you that the Blue Rocker is working so well and I wish you huge functional and sensory return over time.

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