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Thread: Woman down!

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    gjnl - cute "kittens"!
    My EMG is tomorrow afternoon - they've finally got another doctor who's trained to do them, (that's two for both the Seattle & American Lake VA's) so I got lucky & got rescheduled. At least now the EMG & my doctors appointments are set up correctly, with the EMG first. Oh boy, can't wait - the nerves are huper sensitive in my arm, with hot, cold & 'pokes' feeling the same - really painful. UGH!

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    The nerves from my shoulder to my finger tips are messed up big time - she said there seems to be only one tiny nerve functioning in my pinkie - she said that people are going to talk surgery to me, but she's recommending the conservative approach, said that she thought I'd get some return, but it'll probably take "at least a year" - my pinkie will always be 'clawed', there's "going to be muscle wasting". Lovely. Guess since it's not her hand/arm, it doesn't matter.
    Anyone want to buy an organ (yes, a musical instrument) since I can't play it now or in the near or far future. $50 and you pay shipping & it's yours.

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    Turns out my pinkie & the finger next to it are trashed, my arm isn't much better & my grip is all but gone in my clumsy, clawed left hand. The good news is that my youngest wants to learn how to play the organ, so I'll be keeping it & teaching him.

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    Are you right handed? I hope.

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    Sorry it's taken me so long to answer, but yes, I'm right handed.

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    Coleen - glad to see your posting. Hope all is going well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coleen View Post
    Sorry it's taken me so long to answer, but yes, I'm right handed.
    That is one good thing.
    Many years ago I broke my arm right at the shoulder socket.
    It was extremely painful.
    After the X-Ray the doctor said "Well, lucky it is your left arm and not your right one." I burst out bawling as I am left handed.

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    Linda, reminds me of when my daugher broke her ankle, Dr. was done and instructing her on how to use the crutches, he says "do you have any stairs at home", she says no and he says "lucky you" her and I both bust up laughing and never did tell him the reason we have no stairs is cause dad is in a wheelchair.

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    Hi again. Fell again yesterday. Turns out my BP was (when I got to urgent care via my S-I-L) 210/102. No wonder my head hurt so bad & I blacked out. Head hurts worse now - concusion will do that to you. My shoulder is bruised bad, as is my elbow - same one, too - my left eye is a swollen mass - not my day, I guess.
    I was doing housework, (yes, I took all my meds) but they said (after a CT) that the mass in my brain has grown a little. Duh. That's "most likely" the reason for my BP going up again. I think I just shouldn't clean both the fish tanks at the same time.
    My angel fish - 5 years old - died after I cleaned his tank. Not my day.
    I see the EMG doc again for a follow up tomorrow. My knee took a big hit, too, and is bruised & scraped. Ugh.
    My left hand is super weak & 1/2 clawed. Buggers.
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    Oh Coleen, I feel so badly for you.
    Try to limit yourself for a while to doing too much at once.

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