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Thread: Woman down!

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    Yay, glad you finally got an appointment! Also glad they didn't do you like they did me years ago, when I was calling like that... after a while, I got a call from the SCI shrink and he was my only contact with the SCI Center I had for quite some time. Guess they thought I was nuts. I was a tad mad yeah, but not "going mad" lol. So be careful out there...

    All the best with your appointment tomorrow.

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    Thanks, Matt! T scheduler actually told me to do that, so she could try to get me in earlier, but that's darn good advice!

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    Your persistence paid off Coleen. It is terrible the wait is so long.

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    Thanks, Linda. My appointment is today. I wish I could get the EMG done sooner the same way, but there's only the one person doing them for two facilities, so...
    more later.

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    ok, so, the OT is going to push for me to get the EMG done ASAP, since this 'crap' has happened in a little less than a month. She stuck me in a brace from my armpit to just above my wrist, then added a wrist splint, too. Ugh! Stay tuned...

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    Sounds uncomfortable ):

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    Coleen - hope you get the test done quick. Enough is enough. I was thinking about you the other day. My daughters neighbor had a stray cat have 8 babies under his fence. He was going to go dump them all, but my daughter saved them, now she has 4 left, we took one. I somehow talked David into letting me keep one. I hope she can find homes for the others, but her daughter is in love with a boy and girl, I say nooo way, don't keep both of them but time will tell. They are the cutest little things though.

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    the braces are very uncomfortable - they're sweaty - but if it'll help...
    kitties are sooo sweet! Their claws, on the other hand, are sharp as blazes! Mine have homes, I hope yours get good ones too!

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    Good luck with the braces!
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    Hope you are feeling better. I just read your post and then checked my personal e-mail. My sister-in-law sent this to me and I still had you on my mind. As bad as the fall was.....well, you get the idea:

    So, there I was ... just relaxig in front of the TV and then the kids yelled,
    'Hey Mom, come see the kittens.'

    PS. Hope this works, it is my first time to post a photo attachment

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