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Thread: Woman down!

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    Woman down!

    The kittens are running around the house now, so we put up a child gate to keep them out of the kitchen. It's not that tall, but my foot caught on it & I went down yesterday. OUCH!
    Woke up after a few hours sleep last night & can hardly move, pain-r-us lives here today! I don't think anything's broke, and even if it were, I'd have to go to Seattle to the VA ER or pay big bucks to wait multiple hours in an ER here, so I'm not all that anxious to go. All & all, not a good start to summer.
    I know, I'm whining, sorry, but no one to talk to around here...
    Hope no one minds

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    Ibuprofen...and dogs. :-)
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    Totally, but my landlord said no to dogs, so I'll have to go with cats. Hurts to sit, lay or stand too long, time to change position.

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    sorry for your boo boos. I have dealt with many kittens in the house and it does slow you down. but they learn quick to stay out of the way of the wheelchair, and I never seriously injured any, just a few pinched toes and tails. Get well soon !

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    Take it easy, hope you mend quickly.

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    Thanks, all. I gave up & went to the ER when my neck got more stiff - I had repairs at C4 - 8 & got scared - they said my neck's ok, that I've got pinched nerves & L4,5 S1,2 are a little more 'off base' but nothing surgical yet, luckily. They did say that I appear to have had a syncopal episode, but I've got an appointment with the heart doc in 2 weeks, so we'll see what he says. Been having BP troubles of late - high to low's - so we'll see.

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    Still stiff & sore, BP was 158/92 this mornng. Buggers! Everytime the babies see or hear me, they come running! Those silly buggers! I almost went down again yesterday, just got dizzy. Ugh.

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    Hope you can get it all figured out. I know you really love those kittens, but be careful, don't want to hear of any more accidents! Take care.

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