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Thread: Woman down!

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    It's too bad you have to wait so long to get in. Hope you are feeling better. Sounds like the kittys are growing up.

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    Thanks. I'll try to post again when I find out what's what.
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    Just so you know: the EMG will hurt like hell!

    My doctor lied to me and said it wouldnt hurt LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coleen View Post
    the EMG is in August (earliest opening) and the earliest for OT is July 22.
    WTF, is the VA getting that bad everywhere? ... damn, they're taking sweet time on some of my stuff, too important stuff.

    Sorry to dump on your thread Coleen, but it really irks me they take so long. Was my experience through the 90s, got better for a while, now going downhill again. Friggin sad. Meanwhile, who knows if further damage is happening? Do they even think about it? Are they happy about it? Delay, deny and hope that I die, argh...

    Guess we can be glad it's "free"...

    All the best, Coleen. Glad you found homes for your baby kitties.

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    Quad, you get what you pay for - too bad they forgot that we already paid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coleen View Post
    Quad, you get what you pay for - too bad they forgot that we already paid.
    EXACTLY & a shame!

    Sorry about the clawing hand-they suck. I hope it can be fixed.

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    I've called to see if there were any openings the last 2 days, and managed to get one on the 12th instead of the 22nd. It's a small victory, but better than nothing!

    The EMG on my leg didn't hurt at all, but it's got no 'outside' feeling anyway. I'm sure the arm one will hurt, since the nerves seem to be 'hyper', but it needs to get done before the VA will do anything more than splinting. I just hope there's not too much permanent damage.

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    Glad you got in, Coleen.

    Check out the latest:

    "A newly surfaced internal memo shows that VA health facilities get good grades by delaying and denying care."


    Yeah; Delay, Deny and Hope that I die...

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    The kittens are beautiful. They all eat solids, use the litter box & climb everything - including my bum leg - suddenly I'll have a baby climbing into my hand & it's a surprise!
    Hand's getting worse, but...
    Quadvet - that's a depressing (but too true & so familiar) article. Ugh!

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    I've been calling at least twice a day and I actually got an OT appointment tomorrow! I guess they got tire of me bugging them or something...
    the clawing is bad, it looks like my pinky is a loss, but my ring finger can still straighten. I'll let you know...

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