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Thread: (Standing) Wheelchair

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    (Standing) Wheelchair

    I need a standing wheelchair, has to be electric.

    Where is a good place to find a very cheap one?

    I want it for painting my garage. I just need something that is reliable and will not breakdown, especially in the standing position.

    I am not concerned on how it looks, just as long as it serves it's purpose!!

    Thanks for any help!!

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    standing wheelchair

    Looking for a standing wheelchair? I'm certain you find a cheap one, but thats what you will get a cheap one.

    I use a Superstand and have had the best luck with it for 15 years.
    I may also work the company but, i think it is the best standing wheelchair by far.
    you can check it out

    you can also try one for free

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    i use a lifestand. if u have enough function to paint u don't need an electric one.

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    I am a T10 Para and have full function above that injury level.
    I want the electric because it will be faster and easier for doing tasks in the garage. Taking the time to crank a chair up and down every time is a pian in the a$$. So this is why I'm looking for an electric one.

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