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    Vegan Guests

    My nephew and his girlfriend are visiting this weekend, She is a long time vegan, he is a new convert ("...that's the power of love..." - Huey Lewis). What should I get in the house - just for basics - I assume some Silk is in order - any recommendations.
    It will be a short stay.


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    Soymilk for sure. There are some vegan cheeses out there that could be used for pizza making. The normal fruits and vege's you would probably keep around anyway. There are frozen vegan patties that are quite tasty if you need to pull off a meal. Those with some chips or potato salad, tossed salad, vegan cookies or soymilk/ricemilk ice cream should cover the basics. Make sure the salad dressing is vegan. Caesar is often made with anchovie paste, so you might want to just buy one labelled vegan.
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    we went out to a good Chinese restaurant and everyone was happy. My nephew's girlfriend brought a "vegan" chocolate cake that evryone liked and I got a bunch of humus in different flavors for snacks. I'm becoming a big fan of humus.
    Made a big fruit salad as well which I'll be working on the rest of the week.
    Today, it's father's day and I'm going to make something that would definitely have offended the vegans. But they're gone, so it's back to some good, knuckle dragging cuisine.

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    Glad to hear it all went well. I'm not a vegan, but only because I lack the discipline, and like real ice cream far too much to think I could ever pull it off. I did once work with someone who made a lot of fun of me when I went vege, so I made a chocolate cream pie using soy and never told him. He wolfed it down (as was his usual mode) and thought it was great. Only then did I share that it was totally vegetarian.

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