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Thread: Can this be done?

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    Can this be done?

    Is there some way to invite only specific members to a thread to provide some input about a situation? I realize we have certain forums that require membership, but it's not too difficult to register, and I'd like to control who sees some of the questions I have, and avoid unnecessary and irrelevant responses.

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    I don't think so. That would be an appropriate use of the PM feature. You can include multiple people in your PMs and send only to those you want to include.


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    Create a new Social Group, set it to Private, ask those you want included to join.

    Test the idea with a bogus group before starting your intended discussion to make sure the messages are indeed private.

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    Oh that's great that we have that. Wonder what else we have I don't know about. Good job.
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    Many years ago some of us created a private group somehow but I can't for the life of me remember how ..... we lost the group after a system upgrade or some such thing and it just never re-formed ! It probably happened as Steven suggested - it was great - kind of like a mini women's forum !!

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