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    Professional gear

    In a professional setting, what are you using to schlep your laptop, cell, other smallish electronics (camera, small vid recorder, etc.)?

    I need something that looks professional for my gear in a creative environment and also, allows for care essentials over the course of a day.

    Considerations have included: Timbuk 2 messenger bag (not professional, but love the colors and configuration); large, leather messenger bag coupled with leather sling bag/backpack to separate personal items from pro gear; soft sided, leather briefcase/bag in a color other than black/brown/gray. Think pop of color for any of these items.

    What am I missing? What can I use to carry gear so I have ready access?

    Input appreciated.

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    these are great but expensive.

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    I have an all black Timbuk 2 messenger bag. Love it. I use it primarily for dragging my MacBook Pro & books/etc around town. It's not well-padded for things other than the laptop, but I'll frequently toss my iPhone & Panasonic GF1 in w/o fear of hurting them.

    Look at LowePro for other ideas. I've used one of their reporter bags for about 8-9 years as my go-to camera bag & it has held up super well. They make quality stuff.
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    I use a backpack that has a place in the main pocket for a laptop, and also has other pockets for personal things. It is a tan color and I put it on the back of my chair. I also have a blue one like it as well. I know it is good looking for the environment I am in (business technology) so that kind of thing may work for you, as I have seen many other colors (red, yellow, etc).
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    Leaning more and more in favor of Timbuk2 due to center padding and design. If that's the direction taken, I'll snag another bag for cam, vid cam, etc.

    The reporter's bag (LowePro) is intriguing, especially because I loved the correspondant's bags sold by Banana Republic years ago. You could literally beat those babies up and they held. The wear only made them better. Once BR went more mainstream and technology became accessible to the masses, those were dropped.

    Thank you Jody, Scott and wheeliecoach. Much appreesh to all.

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    Coach makes good leather products for what you're looking for. Colors are great except that as you schlep the case will get dirty and scarred. Maybe others are easier on their equipment but I tend to drop, toss, open/close my cases throughout the day/travel. I've also had pretty good luck with heavy duty nylon products which are light and extremely durable but not as "professional" looking.

    Good luck with your purchase!

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    Chris, thanks for the input on Coach leather goods. I appreciate what you had to say about it here and on the phone.

    Looks as though I'm going Timbuk 2 and possibly another gear bag. As you said, if I use leather it needs to be black. Nylon bags (Timbuk 2 messenger) may win afterall.

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