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Thread: This may be helpful...

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    This may be helpful...

    I just stumbled upon this, it is a clear and thorough discussion of levels of injuries, classifications and physiology of the spinal cord. Thought I would share:

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    How I wish I had something like this during the first few months of wandering in the dark..

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    I found this page in rehab with my iphone during the first stint of sleepless nights, being a C7 I felt lucky. I asked my nurse what ASIA classification I was, she was clueless. That's when I knew I was pretty much on my own with this thing. More sleepless nights. Like it or lump it, I told myself "let's get outta here" worked my ass off, "home" in 3 months. Hardest thing I ever did..

    but yeah, good page - informative & factual.

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    The site above is good, and has been included in our recommended websites for some time.

    I still think this article by Dr. Young is one of the best about the anatomy and physiology of SCI. I use this for new staff orientation on my unit:


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