My sister and I went to the hospital about 45 minutes from where I live to see my father. When we parked at the hospital, my sister looked at me and asked, Todd, what's wrong? She could tell I was tense and having an attitude. I said I think I'm going to throw up. I was sick and scared to death going to see my father. It's always been my mother and me that have been sick or suffered, my dad has always been the one to witness and take care of us. It was so different.

Well, when we went into the room, he was sleeping because he's on a lot of medications. When my mother woke him a bit, he knew my sister and when he looked at me and when asked who it was he said Todd. His longterm memory is intact. It's his short-term memory that has been affected by head trauma. This is why he always needs someone in the room with him because if he wakes, he will try to get up and even think he can leave the hospital, but must be told to remain in position without assistance.

I fell asleep in the room from lack of sleep and slept most of the time, while my sister chatted on the phone and my mother was able to go to the hotel and shower and such.

The funniest part of the day was the drive back home. My sister and I just laughed, cursed like sailors, and made jokes about anything and everything. I hadn't bonded with my sister like that in a long time and it reminded me of us years ago. There isn't anything we can't make jokes about to each other.