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Thread: Cough Medicine High?

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    jerkens rofl Yeppers
    That stuff used to make me wanna hurl just thinking of it's nasty flavor is gross
    geez wow time flies
    Pass me them tums
    Keep smiling

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    dextromethorphan - when I was young and stupid used to pop morphine pills and drink a bottle of robitussin DM, drink a bit and trip on Dark Side of the Moon.. like a safe heroin nod. Then one day at work I was reading the paper at lunch and there was an article about it causing birth defects. I switched to psilocybin mushrooms and weed. wheeeee.

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    Yeah.. I jsut don't know how to say..

    "hey what your doing is stupid"

    .. because she is a grown woman and already knows that.. ya know..
    I collect electronics! If you have any that do not work, I might be able to help you.. OR not.. lol

    Looking to video chat if anyone is interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laz3Chris View Post
    A good friend of mine told me the other day she has been having "some fun" with cough medicine..

    To be honest, I'm a bit worried about her doing this..

    Anyone know what kinda harm can come out of something like this?
    Quote Originally Posted by Laz3Chris View Post
    Yeah.. I jsut don't know how to say..

    "hey what your doing is stupid"

    .. because she is a grown woman and already knows that.. ya know..
    Tell her that a doctor told you that it can permanently damage your intestinal lining and result in constant untreatable diarrhea. Never admit that I just made that up. Most people will laugh off real dangers like death, brain or organ damage but nobody wants to be stuck crapping their pants all day.

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    Back in the day, I used to sneak my girlfriend's grandmother's cough medicine and feel great for hours. It was probably the codeine.

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    Lol My friends remminice about them day's when we talk of one particular old rally picture and theres my Bf and next to him is his buddy spanky who was drinking that Cough Medicine When I took that picture of the 3 of them the dude was so buzzed he shit his pants thx to his drinking the codeine lol

    He Crapped his leathers was so buzzed and walked around partying like it wasnothing while the lingering stench was something that made a legacy some 20 years later . Gosh the 3 of em with Smelly Spanky made cover picture in a motorcycle magazine

    Cough Medicine is not like them old day's lemme go ask Granpa Walton

    Good night Johnboy
    Good night Mamma
    Good night Sister
    Good night Johnboy
    Hey what isthat smell ?
    Grandpa knows
    Niterz spanky take a shower ...

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