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Thread: yellow fog lights

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    yellow fog lights

    Are yellow fog lights illegal to put on my car?

    I've been told once that the color yellow does way better in fog.. and I have been stuck in a lot of fog lately. We live in a bit of a swampy area..

    Can I drive these on all the time? Anywhere..

    Hope this is the right spot for this in the forum..

    I collect electronics! If you have any that do not work, I might be able to help you.. OR not.. lol

    Looking to video chat if anyone is interested.

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    Check your state laws. I'm pretty sure they're not illegal.

    Fogs need to be mounted low to get under the fog and light up the road with as wide of a horizontal spread as possible.

    I wouldn't run them exclusively. Most of them don't throw light far enough for driving in clear conditions.

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    In VA I received a citation for running too many fog lights on my BMW GS motorcycle. I ran 2 low yellow PIAA and one xenon supplemental to boost the long range. Cop said 4 forward facing lights was max and the bike had 2 already. So, in VA it's about how many lights not what kind they are.

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    My advice would be to convert them to HID. I did that with my fogs and they are amazing!!!

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    I do not believe it makes a difference what color they are just how they are positioned on the vehicle. I am sure it varies from state to state. On a side note though I really do not like these bright blue tint head lights. I am glad that the driver behind these lights can see better because they blind me.

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