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Thread: whats better paralyzed

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    whats better paralyzed

    Today I was at the doctors having my toenails removed and my legs were spasming everywhere but thankfully no pain. That brings me to this , what things are better in life paralyzed, afterall we all entitiled to some things for all the shit we put up with. so all add the first.

    1. Painless toenail removal

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    2. You had to look around for benches or chairs when tired. Now if you want to sit...oh wait you are already.
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    3. Dont have to iron back half of clothing

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    4. Can always find/have a chair at parties or other crowded functions with never enough chairs anyway.

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    5. front of lines at great adventure

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    Gonna get a tattoo soon, but I'd be wussing out getting it on my leg.

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    chris it dont hurt bad i got 2 the one on my shoulder didnt hurt bad at all but the one on my forearm once they got to were the bend of my arm is i aint gonna lie it hurt like hell

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    No, just on the upper arm above the bicep.

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    6. you are a chair for hot chicks
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    7. You get to park closer than everyone else
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