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Thread: Modified Pre-Nup?

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    Modified Pre-Nup?

    I'm not sure how much traffic this forum gets, but it seems like the appropriate place to put this. A friend with an SCI asked me this and I couldn't answer, so I thought I would post it here. Is there some way to get part of your finances protected in a pre-nuptual agreement?

    For instance, if an individual lands a settlement and subsequently marries, can he protect the money he has from the settlement, along with future earnings from the settlement from his spouse? I think what my friend was getting at was that he wanted to enter the marriage with the understanding that whatever earnings he made through his job, assets, etc. would be accessible by his spouse, but he wanted to protect his settlement so that he had a way to pay for his medical bills, house modifications, etc, if, god forbid, something were to happen to their marriage. Does that make sense?

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    you can put whaever you want in a pre-nup
    generally, whatever income is earned once marriage (from whatever source) is shareable
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    Makes perfect sense and as brucec said it can be drawn up anyway they like..

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    States vary in how community property is defined. If he has a structured settlement, it may also be part of the settlement agreement. He needs to see a good family law attorney and be sure that his agreement is drawn up both correctly and consistent with the laws in his state.


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