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Thread: Japanese wheelchairs

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    Japanese wheelchairs

    Found this japanese blog while surfing the web. Cool wheelchair designs that we don't see here in the states.

    Anyone can read Japanese here? I want to find out where I can get that 3 spoke carbon fiber wheel shown in the first set of pictures.
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    I like the wheels and tyres. Neat colour!


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    X-Core makes a 3 spoke but I don't think they make them in CF.

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    X-core only makes 25", I need 24"
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    hi hype62
    saw ur ZR, its pretty cool with the right run ^_^

    the wheelchair on the link u provide is one of the japanese branded wheelchair, the OX.
    since i'm in asia (spesifically, malaysia), it's even easier and cheaper to buy a wheelchair when the distributor is in my country.OX is one of the most coolest, lightest (19lbs for a folding.Q7 is 17lbs when it's a rigid, it doesnt differ much), folding wheelchair i've ever use.but 2 thing u need to notice :

    1. OX doesnt have any rigid chair ^_^.but their folding have the less flex comparable to rigid.
    2. OX only build aluminium chairs.

    they have a lot of choice in the rims.
    1. spinergy -3,4,5spoke
    2. corima, 3,4,5 spoke
    3. spinergy LX
    4. magnesium rims
    5. standard caster fork or nissin suspendo chock absorber (its a hidraulic absorber)
    6. carbon fiber 2 piece HHR3 - 3,4spoke

    and they are also cheap!i bought by OX GWXII for approximately usd2800, complete with nissin suspendo and and spinergy revx , and complete overall weight is 24lbs.kinda heavy, but dunno y, its just too effortless to push...

    i'd prefer OX rather than quickie.but i prefer tilite because aluminium rust!and 1 more thing, i dun think i see anyone uses tilite in my sci groupies, so everytime i went to seminar, they'd say "OMG, u use tilite?"...haha...most people here use OX, so it's kinda ordinary i sold mine on ebay a while one seems to notice, and people doesnt even know about OX, so i just let it go on the highest bidder (usd 250...sad...), without the cf rim..i give him my 3 spoke fiberglass taiwan-made instead (ripped off my scandium wheelchair), which is slightly heavier then the spinergy revx.

    btw, scandium is also a nice chair, even its taiwan made....effortless to push, effortless to lift. (weight 7.8kg in complete chair, 16x16, with fabric sideguard).i weight it myself ^_^ not some info taken on the web...

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    I like the foam buildup on the slingback. Looks like the new webbed design back from top end. Looks comfortable

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    Thanks nia adha for the reply. Do you know anything about those 3 spoke carbon fiber rims shown in the first set of pictures in that blog? So far I only know they are called TT-3 but I don't know the brand. Thanks.
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  8. #8's the list of rims u can get when u're buying wheelchair from comes with the chair, and it has OX printed on it, so i assume it was manufactured by the OX.

    tell u what.i'll ask the dealer about the price, and how they ship whatsoever,if u're really interested.but 1 question, why dont u just buy the x-core or corima?i know that corima is a little pricey, but x-core?TT-3 only available in 24".

    btw, just call me nia ^_^

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    Welcome Nia,

    Do you have info on the 4-spoke Corima wheels that are pictured on several of the wheelchairs? What size are they? Where are they available?


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    i asked the dealer.usd 450 for a pair.but my suggestion is to wait for the end of this month for the OX shipment to arrive with the new black/silver fiber, rather than dark grey/light grey colour.not sure about the price, but my guess its going to be the same...

    the problem is the axle is a little bigger than tilite' modification may be needed...(i dunno how u'd do it though...but maybe totoL1 can give a little help ^_^)

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