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Thread: Hoyer Lift Sling Question- need anterior body support

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    So glad to hear things are looking up for you. You are great person to worry about the whole family like that.

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    Thanks, we got the lift. It was through insurance (Medicare) and it's a rental for 13 months and then we own it, but it's rusty and sticky, it's definitely been used by other people. Shouldn't it be new?

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    I would think so, but don't know about those things. Good Luck with everything.
    (I removed a post because recent events make me hesitiant to pist pictures)

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    Not when renting. We had to rent a hospital bed at first and it was definetely old and abused. The hoyer we rented just until the new one came in, it didn't look that bad not rusted or anything but it was used too. Insurance bought our lift immediately as they new David would be using it for more than the alloted time for rental.

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    I bought the divided leg sling. The instruction book didn't say how to use it so we got a PT and she can't figure it out either. Can anyone explain how it works?
    This is the link for the instructions,
    but it doesn't say what straps go where. the PT said the petite is too big for my Grandma, but I really think it's just that she has no idea how to use this sling. She said she has never used one before. It has six straps.

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    Sorry I am no help on this one. I feel so frustrated for you.

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    Thank you Linda. If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it. If anyone could post a photo of the sling hooked up to the lift, that would help too.

    The way the PT hooked it up, I would fall out and I'm not petite. I have tried every way I can think of and it all ends up with me falling out through the hole. I don't know what goes where.
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    It might seem like she will slip through the hole, but as long as it is tucked under her legs and bottom it should work. Does the sling look similar to this one? Is there anyone that can be your dummy. My Mom was just being a good sport and letting us try making the turn with her in it.
    I remember when they were teaching me the sling in rehab I thought they were kidding.
    I wish I were there to see it myself and help you.

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    We haven't used that type of sling - ours is more like Linda's. Linda's recommendation agrees with what we've learned: Tuck it down behind her, slipping it under her bottom as far as you reasonably can. Then pull the thigh straps under her thighs, again pulling them through as far as seems reasonable. That will result in the hole at the bottom being smallest, and she having some support at the back of her rear.

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    Thank you Linda. I totally wish you lived closer. I need someone who knows what they're doing to help, even for 10 minutes. Our sling seems to be missing that little strap that's going between her legs, but other than that, that's it I think- it's the invacare divided leg sling. The PT was trying to hook it up to the chains.

    The other thing we're going to try is to sew a belt on each side of the standard sling to cover her in the front. My Grandma, due to the dementia, gets really agitated and combative when she needs to urinate (she doesn't have a UTI ). I can pick her up and lift her agitated or not, no one else can. I don't know if even the lift will help when she's agitated. If she's flailing around, I dont know if she'll fall out? Our apt is SO little, it's hard to maneuver the lift around.

    I might have some questions about how to get the sling around her, so please keep checking this thread, I need all the help I can get.
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