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Thread: quads and macbook

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    quads and macbook

    just bought a macbook pro. its awesome, really fast, great graphics

    but im having some problems with the trackpad. im a quad, got no finger movement, n the trackpad is really sensitive to just the pad of the fingers. i used to use the heel of my palm to control the trackpad of my old laptop but the macbook wont let me. so now i use the side of my pinky, moving the cursor around is ok but clicking is a problem, sometimes i cant click no matter how many times i try. really frustrating

    and also how can i right click? ther is no right/left click button on e macbook. i saw the tutorial vids on apple's website, to right click tap with 2 fingers on the trackpad. i tried with 2 hands but to no avail my quad paws really suck.
    Are there any keyboard shortcuts for right clicking cos i really hate using a mouse.

    any ideas anyone? thanks

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    System Preferences: Play with Trackpad settings.
    Ctrl click for right button.
    Try sticky keys.

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    control-click, two-button mouse, etc... plenty of options.

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    Ahh... control-click...thanks alot guys

    i selected that option but dont know wat secondary click means, wats it for? :P

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    secondary click = right click

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pruett View Post
    secondary click = right click


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