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Thread: This Blood's For You

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    I agree on the Swede. Hotness defined! (He was great in Generation Kill too). And Alcide ... hawt! One day I've told myself that I'll get to a book signing for Charlaine Harris.

    I read all the books and enjoy them (can't wait for May - another new book), but I enjoy the show as well as it's flushed out the background charcters and given them each their own storylines. They're uncomparable to me.

    And Jessica did not even appear in the books ... she's a great character!

    What did you think of Bill's betrayal in the show, as compared to the books?

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    That actor bugs me, J. Seems to phone it in to me. Skarsgaard proves that an actor can play cold, distant and inhuman without looking bored, ya know? Beeyul always looks extra-bored or he chews the scenery, no in between. And you can't pick up on why he and Sookie are soooo attracted. I sit there and think "Let's get real. No woman (or Fae) is gonna be lusting after Beeyul w/ Eric in the room, unless there is a deep and abiding love." Which love is never quite portrayed in the series.

    You know how they flip out their teeth? Eric does it and looks hot. Franklin looks terrifying. Russell Edgington, the Guhvenuh o Missisippuh, looks batshit crazy and real scary when he does it. Jessica looks startled, Pam looks like she loves being evil and undead. Beeyul looks like he needs dental floss LOL.

    Oh wait, you mean betrayal, not portrayal? To me the tv series just doesn't quite make sense. They need to explain the bond between maker and progeny far better for it to make sense. (I heard similar complaints about Eat, Pray, Love, which I haven't read or seen yet.)

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    Bill looks like he needs dental floss .. lol! Prepare yourself for next season as it follows the books - Eric loses his memory and stays with Sookie. Should make for a great season!

    Some time ago when the show first started, there was a fundraiser on Charlaine Harris' website for a theatre in Brentwood Essex (UK) - home of that actor. They were re-doing the threatre, making it wheelchair accessible (and here's what got me to donate) and the stage wheelchair accessible as well - even for a program to support kids with sensory disabilities.

    I thought that was so 'forward thinking' and impressive to see a want, rather than a need, that I donated. So somewhere on that theatre, is a brick that says, "Jennifer Spence & David Jones." I wish someone would smash it - kidding.

    Anyway, a certificate arrived in the mail with an autograph from Stephen Moyer. Blah. lol

    If I ever get to meet that author, I'm going to specifically request a healing in one of her books by Eric. I need to know that spinal cord injury can at least be cured in fiction! lol
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    Holy shit! It's like the world has changed overnight. All of a sudden, all of my friends' headlines on Facebook have to do with sports. WTF?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    Oh, damn! He's fucking hot!

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