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Thread: Dear England: We will, we will, Rock You!

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    Quote Originally Posted by christopher View Post
    And can I just say the reffing is atrocious? My God! No instant replay?
    I agree. Refusing to use the video is just barbaric. Aside from any difference the psychological effect might have made, they would have been tied 2-2 had the mistaken calls been corrected. I don't think that's a fair place to leave either team

    What is striking to anyone else how much faster the Grmany—England game was than those that I saw before (the big US games nd a couple other big ones). Can anyone explain that to me?
    I see Timaru beat me to the obvious. But i'm still curious about the speed.

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    That was a blatant goal but it does not disguise the fact that our defence was as strong as a wet paper bag and our attack was as frightening as a missile made from candy floss. Apart from those minor points, along with a complete inability to pass the ball accurately, to dribble it or to show any desire I thought England deserved to win...the wooden spoon.

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