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Thread: Frog Legs Uni-Tine 4 x1.5

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    Frog Legs Uni-Tine 4 x1.5

    Hello everyone I wanted to mount on my ZR TiLite the Uni-Tine Frog Legs 4 x1.5 I please know if you think is a good solution if you can show me some pictures thanks

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    look for "search" option
    T5 ASIA A 09/11/2004

    1st Italian physiotherapist on a wheelchair

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    btw,I've ordered my unitine yesterday, wating they arrive from USA..
    T5 ASIA A 09/11/2004

    1st Italian physiotherapist on a wheelchair

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    My chair... Great wheels/forks. Surprisingly durable too.

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    hello here are some photos of my frog legs Tine Uni 4 x 1.5 mounted on my ZR bought from sportaid are really flowing and I think very beautiful aesthetically what do you think ......

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    I run the Frog Legs single sided forks on all my chairs.

    ZR pics at -

    ZR2 pics forthcomming...


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    Here's a shot of my Bt-Mg with Uni-tines and 4x1.5" soft rolls:


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