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Thread: An able-bodied woman sues city for handicapped parking ticket

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    An able-bodied woman sues city for handicapped parking ticket

    An able-bodied woman sues city for handicapped parking ticket.

    "Janice Eberle of Lynnfield, Massachusetts is suing the city of Danvers for ticketing her Mercedes ML320 after she'd parked in a handicapped spot. Though not handicapped, she claims the $300 ticket's unjustified because it was raining and her arm hurt."

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    It is not possible
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Wow, I use to live in Lynnfield when I was a kid, lol.
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    Could I get some cheese with that whine? GRRRR....

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    Janice L. Eberle, 6 Timberhill Lane, Lynnfield MASS 01940

    Here is her address, lets all write her and tell her how we feel.

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    OMG! She has a boo boo!

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    Hope her pocketbook hurts next.
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