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Thread: Not being morbid but are there any other fellow flatliners on this forum?

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    No, no pain. Not even a feeling of panic.

    "We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."
    - Barack Obama

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    Hiyaz Everyone
    I flatlined a few times in my life 3
    When the airflight came and loaded me up I flatlined Zapped me and for about 20 mins I heard ppl but the pain was so intense
    And then in the Er I flatlined
    I didnt see anything or any visions

    After my monitor went beep about 20 seconds I heard the people going for the ressusative tools and then totally blackening out solid . They paddled me

    I awoke spasming like a fish out of water

    It is good I didnt remember much of the procedures but man that trache tube and the crap shoved down my throat was the most uncomfortable feeling .

    I went through 3 episodes of this before my family could arrive 3 days later while I was on life support against my will .
    They had to contact my family who is 1400 miles away so I was kept alive mechanically until my folks arrived 3 days later the longest 3 days .

    On the last episode My point is I do remember a female dr saying we lost her and it was all black to me . That steady noise the pulse screen makes was the most unforgettable noise I think of .
    I heard people but had no physical way to communicate at all . My mother came over to me and rubbed my head saying I was cold she was crying and the Dr's and nurses worked on me again to drain fluids out of me . Then again I shut off and surrendered to God .

    I am glad for the circumstances

    Everything that happened to me was not my choice
    So Definitely God has a purpose

    This is the first time I ever told anyone of my ordeal

    Thank you

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    I was six months old and choked on a chess pawn. my cousin shoved it in my mouth when I was screaming for food. Dr was pretty sure I was dead when he first laid eyes on me so I hear.

    I was premature and there is some story about that too, since it was in 65, and I was three months early. any way I was in two house fires and very close to being toast, and then there was the accident. heart beat but no breath.

    every time it was like ether diving into a pool, or being sucked through a tunnel.

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    From what i've heard and read about some flatliners is people seeing auora's or visions etc...
    In my case only thing I remember was blackening out like if someone shut a switch off and then on in me . Jolting me and just the feeling of anxiety as if somebody scared me .

    I think my spasms were because of the stress and trauma when I said I was spasming like a fish out of water .
    Definitely I didnt see any tunnel or things of that nature but being I hear and remember things the Female Dr saying We lost her it is like a tape recorder this is just how my brain operates .

    The human mind is so complex it is a marvel of creation .

    Some people claim to have seen people etc... I dont know but I couldnt doubt any of them because we just never know . These personal experiences posted here are vast and heavy . There is more to life than what one visually see's .

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