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Thread: at 6 months...we celebrate and mourn

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    at 6 months...we celebrate and mourn

    Six months ago today my son became a para, I hate that day, 12/10/09 and the waiting room and the chair I fell into when hearing the news.

    But I still have Robbie and he is amazing. His mind is filled with curiousity and creativity. He is an inspiration to others, I see the impact he makes wherever we go...and he still sings in the shower.

    So many blessings have come our way since the injury, most surprising and precious is the new relationship between Robbie and his sister. They say "I Love You" regularly and spend more time together. She includes him in more of her busy teenage life and he loves the attention. She helps with his needs and he is thankful. I am proud of them both.

    Today we saw the urologist and had an ultrasound, bladder and kidneys are doing great. We started working with a new trainer and he is pushing Robbie hard (certified at Project Walk). Robbie has been sore after the past few appts. The new wheelchair came in and Robbie loves it.

    Life is good!

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    glad to hear that progress! keep it up!
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    Hi Sharon, These dates just stick in our heads don't they? I remember at first it was the weeks and then it would be the date of the month, and finally the year.
    How what chair we fell into or what we were looking at or thinking right before we got the "news."
    You describe the many positive things happening right now. That is a victory of sorts.
    Be well.

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