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Thread: Insurance on a conversion minivan

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    Insurance on a conversion minivan

    Ok, so we finally got the van through VR and are waiting for them to tell us who will be installing the hand controls. Right now, all we have is coverage on the van itself, not the conversion portion of it. My stepfather got one quote from Progressive for the van and conversion that was $10,000/year. Is that normal?? If you have full coverage on your converted mini-van can you give me an idea of what you pay a year and who it is through? My van is a 2009 Dodge Caravan with less than 30,000 miles on it with the Braun Entervan conversion. Thanks!

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    Make sure when you get a policy that it clearly says the conversion is covered. Sometimes the insurance salesman will just put your coverage for higher amount and tell you that you are covered but unless it specifically says wheelchair conversion I would bet they would weasel out of replacing it for you if you ever needed to collect.

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    We took a rider out on the conversion part of our 2008 Uplander. I don't remember the details.
    We pay about $650 every 6mo which also includes a 2002 Ford150.
    Insurance can vary from state to state-it is less expensive in the next state.
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    You need to just call around and get several quotes, but make sure you're comparing apples to apples on the coverage (same exact coverage, deductibles, etc). I pay $78/mnth for full coverage including the conversion and this includes renters insurance too for my house. It was actually more expensive without the renters multi-line. Travelers Insurance is the agency. 2008 Chevy Uplander with less than 4,000 miles.
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    Our van is insured by 21st Century. No extra charge to cover the adaptions in the vehicle...and they are covered.


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    The problem we had when checking around was that if we had an accident that the replacement was on the cost of the van, not the conversion amount which added over $20,000. That is why we added the rider.

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    Linda you a never going to believe this but ... we have an 2006 Chevy Uplander Yet another similarity. And we just have a rider on our policy too. I would have to look it up to see what the actual cost of just the van insurance is because we pay more like $1000 every six months but I have a 17 year old on our policy.

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    Kimmy, if you really mean $10,000, that is outrageous. NC is not a high cost state like CA. Here in SC we are paying about $1200 a year for our 2003 Toyoto Sienna ra mp van and my old 88 Chevy with a lift. That includes a special rider to cover the additional cost of the lifts. Our insurer is Liberty Mutual. They were the only company that would insure me back in 1965 when I started driving with hand controls.
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    @Kimmy, yeah, something is wrong w/ a $10k/yr quote. Is your driving record seriously screwed up?

    @KLD, if there's no extra charge for adaptations, you're sure they're covered? Is that in writing?

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    10k is an OUTRAGE. (assuming drivers are free of tickets and accidents.)

    You need an extra rider to cover the accessability portions of the vehicle. If you are a quad, the mods can exceed or equal the cost of the vehicle.

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