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Thread: Freedom Ryder FRH-1 vs Top End Force G

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    Freedom Ryder FRH-1 vs Top End Force G

    Hi Everyone...
    Been looking at this forum for weeks trying to read everything there is about these two handcycles. I am hoping to get one in the very near future and am very torn about which one to get. I have rode both of them, and there is minimal difference for me. However I have logged over 100 miles on the FRH-1 and only about 5 miles on the Force G. That was just more by what has been available for me to borrow more than anything else. My sci is at T-6, and I'm fused from T-3 - L2. I throw that out there because of that, reclined positioning is very uncomfortable for me. I want to get serious about cycling and racing. Can you guys offer your expertise and opinion about which bike I should get? I have found I prefer sitting up and over the cranks, which I know isn't good for racing, I feel most powerful like that. Only prob is I pretty much degrease the entire chain with my torso by the end of a long ride..
    What should I do??
    (this is what I feel I've been doing for the last 2 weeks)

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    Hey Frog, I have had the Top End Gold, which is much like the Force G and also own the FR-1. I'm T/6 also. I have had a lot of success with the FRH. Really no comparrison.
    I always had to wear a supporting belt on the T/E wile with the FRH I don't need one.

    The T/E has a tendency to break cables on the handgrip and the steering dampner breaks every three months or less. It's a good bike but has some flaws.

    With the FRH, no problems like that in over a year of riding. I like the way it steers and is very very comfortable. I hardly ride my Top End anymore, the Freedom ryder is that good, especially for we higher breaks.

    I have a friend who just ordered the FRH and had has the same level of fusion that you do. He had tried the T/E but decided onthe F/R for the very reasons you stated.

    The F/R is much easier to transfer in and out of also. The G sits about 5 inches off the ground while the F/R is around 11.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    The F/R is much easier to transfer in and out of also. ...the F/R is around 11.
    w/ or w/o a cushion?

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    Everything Patrick said and am adding that the FRH is a great general riding handcycle and comfortable, but in its stock form is not all that great of a racing handcycling. I just did a race up in vermont and got killed by the lean back force bikes as they are much more aerodynamic and it does make a huge difference when racing. I do have a lean back seat post that I've yet to experiment on for the FRH bike but I've yet to try it. I'm hoping it works otherwise I'm going to have to think about riding a force for racing if I want to be competative.
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    Height with cushion: 10" at the rear of cushion and 12" at front of cushion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    Height with cushion: 10" at the rear of cushion and 12" at front of cushion.
    thanks Patrick

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    Thanks guys for your input.. I keep hearing/reading FRH-1 good all round bike.. Force better for racing.. but with either on I will be racing upright. The Force G is designed for that, vs the Force R. I'm just way to uncomfortable laying down, because not only so much of my back fused, but the few lumbar that aren't fused have a huge curvature going on, making me spend all my time trying to straighten back out and readjust rather than simply pedaling! The height getting out hasn't been a problem on either bike for me, because both have a high enough back rest to use to push up off of. What are you thoughts on the force g being 2 lbs lighter than the FRH-1? What about maneuverability? I'm so nervous to buy a bike for sooo much money to think in 6 months... I should of bought the other one..

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    Well as a leaning hardly any balance para, I fought for years withTop end bikes to get comfortable and sit upright. I've used lateral supports and wide waist belts. They worked and the T/E bikes were great, still are. But for me, I like te FRH the best of all. I still lean but it's much better on the F/R. I don't need lateral supports nor wide belts to keep me strapped in. The turning radius is much bettter on the F/R and much less problems with the steering dampner and brake cables breaking. A better turning radius is great for trails and narrow paths.

    If you're like the rest of us, you'll be buying more than one bike lol. I bought a Jansen in '76 and built two bikes after it. Then Freedom Ryder came out and Top end followed. I tried to count how many bikes I've had but lost track.

    Which ever one you pick, I'm sure you won't regret it. Make a choice and get on the road, it is so worth it.

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    Thanks Patrick... good things to think about.. Someone told me I just need a bike I'm comfortable to train on.. when I'm scouted for the paralympics they'll buy me a handbike to race with.. fun to dream!!

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    That they will Frog, way to dream. without the dream, your realities never come true! dang, Central Cali would be a wonderful place to train. Didn't Candance cable and Peter Brooks live around there. Course it's a large section isn't it lol.

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