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Thread: Standing, head aches and nausea

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    Standing, head aches and nausea

    My son has an evolv glider/stander that I am always pushing him to use. We havent had it very long, his injury was just 6 months ago so he has only been in it a few times. Between numerous UTIs and now MRSA he isnt always feeling up to using it. Even when he seems to be feeling well I typically have to bribe him into standing for an hour or so. I thought after being in the chair all day he would love being upright but that is not the case.

    My question is, how much do I push on this type of equipment? Last month I attended the Open House at Rutgers and Dr Wise spoke about the importance of standing everyday.

    Will the headaches and nausea go away with the infections? Even without any secondary conditions will Robbie feel better standing as time goes by?

    As a mom I am always caught between knowing when to push and when to back off.

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    make him do it, if not he will be like many around here, contractures etc. not standing daily will fuck any sci up. it should be mandatory.

    the more he does it the easier it will be. go 10 min the 20 and so on.

    the benefits a huge. take it from me, been standing since rehab, 23 yrs. only been hospitalized 1 time. it helps everything
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    If he has not been standing at all recently, it is likely that his headaches and nausea are due to low blood pressure. If he is not already doing so, have him use both compression hose (and if necessary Ace wraps on top) and an abdominal binder applied prior to standing. As he gets more used to the upright posture it is likely that he will be able to gradually wean off using these additional blood pressure supports.

    Of course ultimately he must make the choice and decision to stand, but the benefits for his bones, ROM, bowels, bladder, skin and spasticity are significant issues that he will have to deal with that can be helped by regular and routine stanidng.


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    I typically check his blood pressure when he gets in the stander and it has been fine, normal for him.

    We have progressed out of the binder and you think we need to go back to that?

    Should he continue wearing his boots every night also?

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    Hi Sharon,
    I completely understand the struggle you are having pushing exercise on your son. I am my daughter's least favourite person!.
    We have been advised to stand 3 hrs a day to mantain bone density-not that this ever happens.She stands for 1 to 2 hrs at school weekdays and about 2 hours at home at weekend. However it is just a mobile stander-big wheels and not a glider. I am wondering wether it is the gliding that causes the nausea and headache as we tried the litegait in kki with noirin and the most we ever got was 5 mins before she got really edgy, headachy and nauseous. I know its not the same thing and noirin wasnt at her best in kki-dehydration and constipation but it is worth trying without the movement. Noirin also had alot of uti's in the first year and couldnt tolerate sstanding as much then. She still fights me but is resigned that this is what she has to do and sometimes giving her a choice of when to do it helps.Incidently her recent dexa scan results were within normal limits so that was encouraging.
    WE have the FES bike that she does 3 times a week- while watching T.V and she no longer argues about this as stim has been reduced and no pain and we try to do gym exercises once/twice a week but rarely happens. She uses the pool once a week but really plays in it and i have finally started to try to accept that horseriding/balet is also exercise. It is a constant struggle to make therapy interesting and by the way-she hates 'walking' with RGO's and HKAFO's-thinks she looks stupid. Lets hope they will appreciate the nagging in years to come, take care of yourself and hello to Robbie., Sonia.

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