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Thread: L1 sci, I have bad constipation after kidney surgery, help

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    L1 sci, I have bad constipation after kidney surgery, help

    I usually have a bowel movement every 3rd day for the last 10 years. I had kindey stone surgery last wednesday. They went up through the bladder into the kidneys with a laser and pulled out what pieces they could. I tried to stop using pain meds but the kidney pain is terrible. I took two doses of milk of magnesia and using stimulation I cannot feel anything. It has been 5 days no bowel movement. I really dont think my doctors understand without pain killers it is hard for me to do. Should I lay on a certain side or any ideas will be welcome. I am having to take one 7.5 lortab just to keep the edge off of my kidney pain. Help, Thanks, Galen

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    At this point, you most likely need to get out the "big guns" to clean out your bowel, then start on a course of increased stool softeners (1000 mg. of DSS or Colace daily), plus high fiber and high fluid intake. As long as you are on narcotics, you may also need to add a stimulant to your meds (Senakot, bisacodyl tablets, etc.).

    For now, get some magnesium citrate. Try 1/2 a bottle first, but if that is not sufficient, take a full bottle. Pad up good, as you are likely to have an accident. Sitting is always the preferred position for bowel evacuation as it helps with gravity.


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    I've recently learned from an AWESOME PCP that is big on using natural remedies and herbs when possible over pharmaceuticals...I LOVE HER FOR THAT...that Magnesium is greatly beneficial in fighting constipation....I take 500mg daily & since I started I've been more regular than I've EVER been(even before my SCI)...It probably won't IMMEDIATELY clear your bowels but it will help the movement & clearance....
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    Thanks for the help, I used the magnesium citrate it took a full bottle. I hate having to use narcotics but they said the kidney pain may last up to a couple weeks. I am cutting my pain pills in half and only using when I have to. I am starting fiber and miralax to hopefully not have this happen again. After 5 days I was starting to feel rough. Thanks again. Galen

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    Been doing the bowel deal every 3 days for 26 years. I had a car accident in December and broke my legs. I had the same problem. I barely went for the 30 days in the hospital while taking 3 colace a day. When I got home I slowly got rid of the pain meds and ate about 10 PRUNES every day. After 2 more weeks I was back to regular.

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