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Thread: Newly injured, new to forum -- Introduction

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    Welcome Fred! Congrats on this weekend!

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    thank you freedom 92. Spinal tap club ehh? I like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timaru View Post
    A thousand welcomes Fred, I'm sure you'll find the forum a great source of invaluable information.
    a thousand thanks you Timaru.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom92 View Post
    Oh by the way, congrats on your engagment. Best of luck to the both of you.
    best of luck just her really. Her name is Katie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adema View Post
    Hi Fred. So sorry to hear about your accident. My brother had a diving accident almost 5 weeks ago and broke C5-C6, he is still in hospital in ICU, fighting lots of issues like stomach, pneumonia etc. I will tell him about you. His girlfriend arrived to the city where he is at the moment but he doesnt want to see her, i think he is being shy of his situation. It hurts her a lot but even doctors said no to her for a time being until he is stabilised otherwise they are afraid of panic attack etc. I wish you all the best and strength in your work for further recovery.
    Hi Adema. Your brother is much different than I am in terms of personality. I wanted and was allowed to have, my girlfriend and family with me from the very beginning when I was in ICU. I went through many health problems including tubes down my throat, pneumonia, fevers, high anxiety, panic attacks, completely drugged up and saying stupid stuff, and the inability to move any limb. Since the accident I have pretty much lost any inhibitions I've ever had about my body and situation.

    good luck to you and your brother,

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    Quote Originally Posted by TMAZ View Post
    Welcome Fred and Congratulations!
    thank you so much TMAZ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    Welcome Fred, and congratulations on the forthcoming marriage. Wishing you both the same happiness my wife and I have had during the past 44 years.
    Holy cow! 44 years? my goodness. Thank you for the well wishes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdf View Post
    Glad you're here Fred, congrats on getting your girl Lots of good people and good info here. Welcome.
    Thank you rdf. I did indeed get my girl and I couldn't be happier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelz99 View Post
    keep fighting the BP, it will get better over time and as u increase ur activity. u have to fight it all the way buddy!
    This low BP is really driving me nuts. I've passed out a dozen times with no end in sight. The doctors tell me it should improve over time but I'm getting impatient. I'm on two different medications to help with the problem and to keep fighting the fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LindaT View Post
    Hi Fred, That was a great introduction. Congratulations on your marriage.
    My husband fell from a tree in Oct of 08 and is C3. He is only 5'8" and it seems like there is not a lot of head room in our van even for a short person in a chair, so I can see why it would be hard for you.
    He has a lot of low blood pressure issues too. He was a pipefitter and also a veteran.
    I have heard Madison is a nice city. I hope there is a good medical center there.
    To counteract the height issue I have, I purchased a Ford E250 van. I haven't seen it yet though. I started the buying process while I was still in the hospital. I should be getting it in a couple weeks. I don't know much of anything about these types of vans. I hope the Ford E250 is a decent product. I had it customized with a raised roof and a lowered floor. with my height I didn't see many other vehicle options.

    I hope your husband had a good Memorial Day weekend. Tell him thank you for his service to our country.

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