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Thread: Newly injured, new to forum -- Introduction

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    Welcome, Fred! Sounds like you are doing great, and congrats on your pending nuptials!

    Please also join our Veterans Forum. Did you have your SCI rehab and/or are you getting your SCI care through a VA SCI Center?

    Has TENS been tried for your back pain?


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    I know you're enjoying being home, no doubt. I wish you the best when it comes to adjusting, staying healthy, finding relief & moving on with your fiance.

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    Welcome Fred!! So glad that you found this site!! I have family that lives in WI. A big CONGRATS on your upcoming wedding!! This site and the people on it are wonderful and extremely helpful on so many issues.

    Welcome again and ask away .

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    Welcome Fred! So glad you are home but sorry to hear about your problems with pain. I live very close to Madison and was med- flighted to the UW Hospital after my car accident in October 2009. I am also a C-5 complete. Luckily, I was only in the hospital and rehab for two months and have done very well since I've been home. Where did you do your rehab?

    I have not been able to attend any SCI support group meetings yet because my husband (and driver) always has school board meetings on the nights and that SCI meets. I hope to go to an Achilles track club meeting this week.

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I wish you both the best!
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    Welcome aboard Fred. Can't imagine someone from WI having a name like Spotted Cow

    I'm a diving injury also, C5-6 incomplete from a dive into the farm pond back in '72. Great information here. Your BP will get better the more you fight it.
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    Hey, Fred. Welcome.

    I'm also a 6'4" C5 complete. Have trouble finding pants that cover both your ankles and bumcrack? Try Carhartt. They carry 36" inseam. I suggest the double front pants. They make my legs look half normal.

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    Welcome Fred...Sorry you had to even be looking for us but glad you found the site. It is a wealth of information and even comes with a few resident smart asses to boot.

    Anyway...feel free to ask questions or vent.

    Congratulations on your marriage and good luck in your recovery.

    Oh and I love the spotted cow....
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    Welcome and congratulations also!
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    Glad to have you here Fred.
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