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Thread: Easy-Stand Evolv for sale...

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    Easy-Stand Evolv for sale...

    I have an Easy-Stand Evolv for sale. It is 3 years old and I've only used it about 6 times. It was over $2500 brand new and I'm looking to get $1000 for it. There is not a scratch on it, as it looks brand new.

    I am selling it because when I stand, the pain in my back is too intense (from the rods in my spine). I'm located in Danville, VA and I'm not sure how much shipping costs would be. But I'm sure something could be worked out.

    You can reach me here, or at

    The link below shows a stock photo of what it looks like...mine looks exactly the same. I can take a few pictures of it, if anyone is interested.
    Thanks & Take Care.

    INIMITABLE......look it up.

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    Make me an offer!!
    INIMITABLE......look it up.

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    $400 plus shipping. Take it or leave it.

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    A bit too low.
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    Does it have the gilde or the power up lift or the tabletop?

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    evolv stander

    Hello ill give you you 800. Can contact me at


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    i am interested

    please call me if you still have it.
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    It has been sold, but good luck to you. Hope you find another.

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