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Thread: Lasher All Terrain Handcycle

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    In my opinion an off road hand bike should be rear wheel drive, which gives you much better traction. If you do not like the kneeling position of a One-Off handcycle then a rear wheel drive trike like the Greenspeed, with the fat wheel option would make a more versatile off road bike than the Lasher which looks to me as though it would struggle to get grip on steep loose tracks.

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    Agreed re: suspension & the drive wheel being in the front. That said, I'd suspect this Lasher performs pretty decently on mild terrain and definitely in more places than the typical handcycle could go.

    This thread is related:

    The Greenspeed looks like it was designed in the '80s w/ zero evolution since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brian View Post
    Do I see handrims on the back wheels?
    I do... I guess that's to prove you can use the wheels off your chair, no need for Lasher to supply them.

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    I made up a XLT pro for the off road. I lowered the gears and put on fat knobby tires like the Lashers. It worked great for the same type of trails shown in the video. It would take me places where my skinny tired Gold couldn't. Slow, but a fun, flat free bike. I put on high pressure knobbies which helped alot on the road and still gave some bite on soft trail I rode. rear wheel would be much better for sure.

    This looks like another option for those who want a mid caliber on/off road bike. It will be slower on the roads but will be able to go somewhat offroad. Much like the Varna Liberator.

    They really didn't show the turning radius of the bike. I suspect it is fairly wide like the rest of the h/c's.

    This is okay IMO. Another good quality bike for those of us who don't want to ride 5" off the ground. I would like higher grade components considering the 4995. price tag. I went to their site and priced one out. With basic upgrades the cost came to $8210. Like other Lasher products, they seem to be more expensive.

    the front end reminds me of a Force G sitting higher with fatter tires and smaller gearing.
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    i really like the look of the hase ketweisel ride, and ive been trying without success to find a demo... ive tracked down one in london, so maybe i can pop over sometime. it looks like a conventional 2 behind, 1 forward, but it drives from both rears and also has rear disk brakes

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    I also rode with knobbies on my xlt pro for a few years. Just as a flat preventive measure on nasty roads. I rode the same speeds and distances as before. The way hc a made, the weight is over the FRONT wheel for traction and it is where the most efficient/effective braking is had.
    I think folks try outfitting chairs and hc for extreme performance and it is a waste of money, as VERY few perform at the level these weight saving measures would benefit.
    Rear brakes woulds be so much weight added for nothing. I climb STEEP hills and only had front wheel slip some. You wouldn't climb a steeper hill than that, I'm positive, lol.

    As far as those 'other' cycles, they are some bulky/heavy puppies, I'd hate to drag them up and down these hills here.

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    That's cool, but I can (and do) go on trails like the one in their video on my Freedom Ryder FRH-1 (and I use skinny Continental road tires). It'd be nice to have mountain bike tires sometimes when I'm climbing, but I make due. Those tires would suck once you get on the road.
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