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Thread: Describing neuropathic pain in legs - a picture is worth 1,000 words!

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    I hate to say it but this is the way my legs feel too. People don't understand not even doctors who supposedly have studied and know things like this.

    That poor fella in the picture looks to have been burned with some kind of liquid or vapor. Glad he didn't fry his "winky" right on off.

    I agree arndog. It is an obsession to manage this and attempt to have a life. I have been blessed with a high tolerance for pain but after 20 years even that tolerance is wearing thin.

    I hadn't really given thought to the social isolation but you are right. I can look forward to something all week. A little anxiety increases the pain. Then I end up staying home because it is just too much effort to manage the pain.

    My family just does not understand. An uncle just had cement squirted (for lack of a better word) into his spine at the same level as my break. I can handle the bone/back pain that comes with my break. Pain killers take care of that on days that I need them.

    I can't explain the raw/blistered/burning/freezing feeling or the feeling of someone scratching their nails down the chalkboard (no other words to describe it) that I get in my legs that never goes away. My family seems to think they know what I have been dealing with for so many years since my uncle has been "down in his back". I would take his pain any day over mine.

    Some days at work, I just let everything float by because I can't concentrate enough to fix any of it anyway. I guess it is a good thing I am not a brain surgeon huh?

    Yeah I am "lucky" I can walk and "lucky" to be alive but am I "lucky to feel like my legs are submerged in a boiling pot of water all the time? I have empathy for all of you who are in pain like this.

    Thanks for listening to my vent today.
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    Hey DD, sorry to hear you're having a bad day. I don't think I know what a good day is anymore.

    I'm doing the pain clinic thing. So far it has'nt been much help. Still can't sleep, the pain is even worse at night. Last month they started me on MST morphine 15mg three times a day and no more than 2 hydrocodone for the break thru. This month it's 30mg of morphine twice a day and only 1 hydrocodone for the break thru pain. My pain level is still high. Not much difference, I hate having to wait a month before it can be adjusted. I go again July 12th and will see what they come up with then. The goal is to improve quality of life. I know they'll never be able to get rid of it completely. Mine is from the lower back down and hands/arms. My arms have the tingle/itch that drives you nuts. My feet and hands hurt the most. I keep hoping my PM doctor will get the right dosage. One problem we have is thanks to the abusers the state laws are so strict it's harder than hell to get good treatments/dosage amounts.

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    Dear smokymtn memmories I hear ya about the Problem with abusers and state laws
    It is unfair for so many of us who need a peace of mind or better quality of life and them abusers doing it for their kicks making things so much more complex for us needy folks .

    I hope you all feel better
    Sincerely ;

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    Here's what neuropathic pain in an arm might look like (graphic pic!):

    I think this is actually from poison ivy but the visual is just as striking.

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    oh no mention of fried winkie please. it took a year to get duge's profile picture off my burned eyes, and tucked away into an I saw nothing closet.

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    This is the first time in 18 years that I have visually seen what my pain feels like! Maybe with this picture my pain doctor will finally understand! Now we just need pics to describe the rest of the pain, I too have terrible abdominal pain, my hip bones feel like they are shattered pieces of glass jutting into my butt, so on and so on and so on................unending and unjust! Thanks to all of you for sharing so vividly!

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    In the beginning of my sci, I use to describe my pain and I thought it was a good description but after a while or years I realized how crazy I must sound to people because they and the Dr's would stare at me and not say anything. I really listened to myself and decided that it was sounding freaking crazy. I realized that they couldn't comprehend the four or five ways that I described neuro pain and how could anyone who has never felt it. I damn well couldn't have pre sci.
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