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Thread: Tornado Body Dryer?

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    Great news Kari, please let us know how it works.


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    I did research on the product. The tornado body dryer is brilliant, and one of a kind. The only other one out there is a unit in the ceiling which overdries the scalp, and that's about it. This stands in a shower corner about 8 ft tall. It will dry all exposed skin surface in a matter of minutes. It has the added benefits of prewarming the shower space if desired, it takes moisture out of the air (mold loves moisture). It is easier to dry after a shower, and can even have two hands to style hair--don't need towels which saves on laundering. You can quickly transition from warm water to being enveloped with warm air. People feel safe not having to reach to dry extremities, can regain independence, and dignity. I have not heard anyone dislike or be disappointed with it. They have sold over 15,000 in Europe, and it was recently brought to the U.S. I was so impressed with it, as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. I wrote about it in my blog, and several users posted comments:

    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks for this info. I did a lot of reading on the net before I wrote my post, and saw that it had been sold in Europe under a different name. By the way, I clicked on the link you provided, but got an error message.

    When I wrote the original post, I was really hoping that someone could share their actual experience, and let me know the positives and negatives. But now I'm going forward as I could find nothing else even close, and whatever it does will be better than my feeble attempts.

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    Tornado Body Dryer Now Installed

    I have a C5 central cord injury which has left me with no biceps or deltoids, making bathing, drying, and dressing difficult.

    My bathroom remodel is almost finished, with only details left to do: cabinet hardware, hanging of mirrors, light installation, etc.

    My 5' by 5' shower is done and working well; all of the accommodations are functioning as we hoped. A few days ago the Tornado Body Dryer was installed and I have been using it. It takes a little getting used to: I am not accustomed to rotating around to get dry and it takes a few minutes, but it is a pleasurable experience and it works. SUCCESS!

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    Hi Kari,
    It is great to hear that your bathroom is almost finished after 9 months of planning and remodeling. Glad that everything has worked out for you. Thanks for reporting back to us.

    All the best,

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    Thank you so much for telling us this. I still can't afford it for David but it is really cool and I maybe just one of these days I will win the lottery and this is on my list.

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    That sounds really cool. Do you have a picture of this? I might google it now.
    How much power does this draw? Does it run off 110 or do you need 220?

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    Yes gjnl, NINE long months later, with delays mainly from fighting with my insurance company to get the funds that had been promised about a year ago. I finally went ahead and paid for it myself (some of which I paid for with a 0% for one year credit card) and will now be taking the blankety-blank insurance company to court.

    Domosoyo, it requires 220 which we had to have an electrician install. I don't know how much electricity it uses. And you can easily find a picture by googling it.

    I should have included in my last post that it dries the body very well, but leaves hair damp, not dripping, but just damp enough to then comb or brush.

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    Body Dryer

    I purchased one of these body dryers for my husband who has ALS. It has been wonderful. I must admit, I also use it quite often.

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    Kari, Have you asked the manufacturer of these things for anyone that has bought one who you can talk to about them? I spoke to several people about each of the ceiling track lifts before deciding on the BHM. I would think twice about an electric dryer if your hot/cold sensation is impaired and this can't be adjusted to just "fluff" like clothes dryers at room temperature.

    Editted to say, "well that was an old post I wish I knew about when we remodeled our bath in the new condo." I have found I don't feel near as cold in the new bath after showers between radient floor heat and regular forced air. Glad you like your new bath. Too bad about the insurance idiots now.
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