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Thread: Tornado Body Dryer?

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    Tornado Body Dryer?

    I am going to have my shower rebuilt and have founds lots of great ideas to incorporate. However, one of my biggest problems is drying myself. Yesterday I discovered the Tornado Body Dryer. It costs about $1800 so I want to find some users' opinions before I get one.

    Has anyone used this dryer or something similar? Opinions?

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    I found that laying a beach towel on my bed does a great job drying my backside off. Save ya a few bucks, unless your not able to transfer well on your own.
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    Drying off ...

    I had my roll in shower demolished into a shower room in 2007 where I have eight 50 watt recessed shower trim lights on the ceiling. What I've learned is it heats up the room to a comfortable temperature, plenty of light and helps in drying myself. I get dressed in bed and above me is a ceiling fan that I turn on high to also help dry me in the morning.

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    That looks pretty cool, but expensive. I am anxious to see if anyone has one too.

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    My bathroom remodel is going to paid for as part of my settlement. I can roll on a towel and use a fan, but since I cannot raise my arms, it is a struggle to get dry. Water streams from my hair and rewets the parts I've managed to get dry. The tornado dryer looks ideal so I'm hoping to find someone who has had experience with it.

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    Kari, if you can afford it, go for it. I would.
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    So has anyone actually USED one of these?

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    I always wanted something like this.
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    My dear wife, NL is a master at drying me off with a hair dryer and putting blankets in the clothes dryer to cover me with warm blankets when she bathes me. We decided a long time ago that is was easier for her to do a bed bath for me than a roll in shower that took a lot of time for her to wipe down and also left me chilled. We have a bathroom with a big enough space for a roll in shower, but after using a roll in shower in another house (where we remodeled the bathroom), we decided, the roll in shower was just too much work or her and too cold for me. So....warm blankies and a well applied hair dryer work very well for us.

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    I have a significant other who showers with me daily, but I need to be more independent. For example, last year he was in the hospital for four days and I washed up as well as I could, but did not get a shower. Plus I just want to try and be as independent as possible.

    I should have included in my original post that my spinal cord injury involves my biceps and deltoids, making it very difficult for me to bathe or dry myself as I cannot lift my hands or arms at all without something that supports them, such as a shelf or grab bar. I do not need a roll-in shower as my ability to walk was not affected by my SCI (although my balance was to some degree).

    I am basically getting a luxurious spa-type shower with two shower heads, multiple jets at different levels, a lower valve that I can easily reach, grab bars, built-in shelves that will be a little deeper than the ones for shampoo (so that I can support one arm at the right height and wash under the other one), AND the Tornado dryer. I was hoping for a recommendation from someone who has used one, but even if it is just an okay product, it will be better than my own feeble attempts to dry myself.

    The plan and estimate have been turned in, and now I'm just waiting for approval. I talked to my attorney today and he said he got word that it'll be approved.

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