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Thread: good interview questions for a live in caregiver

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    (DO HOT hire a CG if there cute and sexy!!! Mistake. Been there and done that.)

    I am a young, attractive female caregiver. I have actually encountered problems in this area with the room mates of my clients. When with my client, I am at work and must maintain professional behavior. However, the room mates are in their home, often do not maintain professional behavior. On one occasion the male room mate of my client made inappropriate comments and advances over the course of six months. Upon discussion, the client brushed the incidents under the rug. The tension that built up caused me to leave the position even though I was otherwise very happy with the job and attached to my client, and the client was happy with me. Be aware that inasmuch as your caregiver's attitude and behavior affects your comfort, your attitude and behavior affect his or hers. If you find yourself attracted to a potential caregiver, or if you anticipate that another individual who will be present during "on-shift" times might develop an attraction to the caregiver, I strongly recommend that you not hire him/her UNLESS there are no qualified alternatives available.

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    (I realize this might make me sound like the witch. But I really did try to be as considerate as I could, as easy and low maintenance as possible. She was just unbearable.)

    Random - These concerns are in no way extreme and you don't sound like a witch. I am very sorry that you had such a bad experience.

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    The main fault here lies with client and his inability to control the situation vis-Ã*-vis the out-of-control roommate. That roommate showed no concern for his disabled roommate's need to have dependable, skilled care and that when found, the utmost must be done to provide the correct working environment. By causing the caregiver to leave, the roommate caused undue hardship for his disabled roommate.

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    Since this old thread has popped up again...

    Interviewing is a skill. Not all of us have a background that included making hiring decisions. Getting help is a good idea. There are plenty of online resources. You may be able to get advice from someone who has done it before.

    First, identify and write down:
    •what you need
    •what you want
    •what would be nice
    •what isn't acceptable
    Go over your list several times and at least once more with someone else.

    When you do conduct an interview, it is a very nice thing to have someone there with you. Use a script if you need to. Try to get the person to open up to you instead of letting them try to show you what you want. Don't offer leading questions, instead imply with your attitude that it is ok to give a truthful answer that doesn't make them sound perfect.

    Try to ask questions that allow open answers. For instance saying "Do you plan on taking Sunday off?" which sounds as if you insist that they don't if they want the job, say "It is important to me that you are able to maintain your own emotional and spiritual health. If you want to attend services, we will make sure you can." Shows them you care and provides them an opportunity to open up about a subject you are prohibited from asking about - their religion.

    An icebreaker question is a good way of getting a person off the focus of selling you a prepared spiel. Remember, they want a job from you just as much as you want a helper. My favorite icebreaker was to sit them down and ask "tell me about the worst day you ever had." Let them talk for 3-5 minutes to get them calmed down and off guard.

    I always did one thing a bit differently. Instead of interviewing in a conference room, I would use the break room. As they talked about their worst day, I would pour both of us a cup of coffee without asking (I had put cream and sugar on the table before they came in.) Once we were going, I had scripted at least two coworkers to come in, get a quick drink, wash their cup and set it in the drying rack. Partially, this was to see if the person handled interruptions well. The test was to see if at the end of the interview they would clean up their own cup. Someone who did was sharp enough to pick up on the clues and not so self centered as to expect someone else to clean up after them.

    While it is totally not ok to manipulate, misdirect, or lie to an employee, you may want to do exactly those things to an interviewee. You need to know not only if they have the skills you need, but if they have the personality that you can live with.
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