(DO HOT hire a CG if there cute and sexy!!! Mistake. Been there and done that.)

I am a young, attractive female caregiver. I have actually encountered problems in this area with the room mates of my clients. When with my client, I am at work and must maintain professional behavior. However, the room mates are in their home, often do not maintain professional behavior. On one occasion the male room mate of my client made inappropriate comments and advances over the course of six months. Upon discussion, the client brushed the incidents under the rug. The tension that built up caused me to leave the position even though I was otherwise very happy with the job and attached to my client, and the client was happy with me. Be aware that inasmuch as your caregiver's attitude and behavior affects your comfort, your attitude and behavior affect his or hers. If you find yourself attracted to a potential caregiver, or if you anticipate that another individual who will be present during "on-shift" times might develop an attraction to the caregiver, I strongly recommend that you not hire him/her UNLESS there are no qualified alternatives available.