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Thread: Rue McClanahan's Funniest 'Golden Girls' Moments (VIDEOS)

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    Rue McClanahan's Funniest 'Golden Girls' Moments (VIDEOS)


    We loved you and will miss you, Blanche!

    Betty White is now the only surviving member of the cast of The Golden Girls.

    As Dorothy cries and tells her mother, Blanche and Rose in the final episode: "You will always be my sisters." That is my sentiment exactly. Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose; you will always be my girls. <3, Todd

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    I forgot how naughty she was!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LindaT View Post
    I forgot how naughty she was!
    Linda, Blanche was nothing! Rose and Dorothy had a funny dialogue involving Anne Frank. A fucking Holocaust joke on The Golden Girls! Bea Arthur was Jewish, but Betty White isn't and I doubt most of their viewers were Jewish.

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