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Thread: Robbie's new all terrain chair

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    Robbie's new all terrain chair

    This is Robbies new Top End Crossfire..its what he wanted, right down to the red spokes, just delivered today. He said "Mom, that is Bad Ass"

    If a 15 yr old boy has to be in a chair he deserves to be stylin. His other chair is a Colours with suspension, emotion wheels and many other upgrades. Yeah, he's spoiled!
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    he is right that is Bad Ass

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    nice! Please keep us posted on how it works for him...i'm considering an all-terrain chair for summer and all the outdoor adventures.
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    Hi Sharon, Glad he is happy with it. Bad ass indeed!

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    Perfect timing!

    I'm going to be ordering one of these soon. I couldn't find much for photos.

    I'm pumped now!

    Thanks for posting!

    Oh, how long did it take to arrive once you put the order in?

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    Thumbs up

    Very cool!

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    it was pretty quick...about 3-4 weeks

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    lets see him in it how does it fit him. awesome ride. i was 15 when i got my gimp card rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    That thing looks like the Harley of chairs! Very sweet ride. He is going to look very cool in that !

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    it is bad-ass... except for the anti-tip bars. u may have to hand in ur man card sally!

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